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Helge Wirth sculpting and painting

Helge Wirth - HAKAI

Helge is painter. Helges Name as sculptor ist HAKAI.
He never wanted to become famous. He shied away from major exhibitions or gallerists. He still wants to be free and independend.

Helges Paintings:
In the years after the big change 2018 he became the artist that he is today.  The 3-D gallery on this page contains almost exclusively works from the last two years. The Sophistication an beauty of these series was the argument that drove him to go public. So he painted the serie "Cosmos" with his incomparable handwriting. The painter Helge is always abstract in the details at the heart of the aesthetic language of form. As phd for philosophy aesthetic theories and mental questioning is a matter of course.

HAKAI`s Sculpting
He understands his art of modeling like no other: a world-famous sculptor S. Hamberg was his modeling student, his father and master in turn was a master student of Picasso's friend Bruno Goller. So art attracted him from an early age, he passed it on. After a particular turning point, he wants to change his whole life.

Realign yourself.
After decades of producing more in secret, HAKAI has decided to go public with its works. He can and wants only art. HAKAI is one of the very few who have mastered the technique of depicting deep spaces in a plastic medium that is only a few centimeters thick. The last great master of the bronze relief was Donatello, Rodin also created a very special relief with his Hell Gate. HAKAI has further developed the art of relief, up to 360 degree surround reliefs on large column cylinders. More about the way it works here. The special HAKAI's specialty is to cope with the challenge of offering a valid solution from every perspective of the fully plastic end relief. To precisely coordinate this from the premise and the sequence of views. In this way he creates a continuum of visual dynamic movements. A good example of this is the Prometheus Column, which focuses on dramatically spiraling upward movements, culminating in the figure of Prometheus at the top.

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